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248User Interface
710248Interface Definition: UI Features: Autodesk Revit window, graphics window, the ribbon, project browser, and the context (right-click) menus.: Identify primary parts of the User Interface (UI). (Tabs, Application menu, Info Center, Ribbon, Elevation tag, Status bar, View control Bar Learn   
711248UI Navigation/Interaction : Ribbon > Panels > Tabs: Name the key features of the ribbon. Define how a split button works: Demonstrate the three ways the ribbon can be displayed (Full ribbon, Min to Panel tiles, Min to tabs) Demonstrate how to detach a panel and move it on the screen. Learn   
712248UI Navigation/Interaction : Project Browser: Describe the hierarchy in the project browser for an new project. Learn   
713248UI Navigation/Interaction: Context (right-click menus): Define what “Context” means when right clicking in the drawing window. Learn   
714248UI Navigation/Interaction: Application Menu: Name the tools found on the “Application Menu” ( Save, Plot, Export and Print) or What tools are found on the “Application Menu” Learn   
715248UI Navigation / Interaction: Quick Access toolbar: Demonstrate how to add items to the Quick Access Toolbar Learn   
716248UI Navigation/Interaction: Options Bar: Describe why the “Option Bar” changes. Learn   
717248UI Navigation / Interaction: Status Bar: Describe the function of the “Status Bar”. Learn   
718248UI Navigation / Interaction: Esc> Escape key: Describe what hitting the escape key does. Learn   
719248Drawing Window: Elevation Marker: Describe what double clicking on a elevation view marker does. Learn   
720248Drawing Window: Origin 3D Indicator: Demonstrate how to turn on/off the 3D Indicator Learn   
721248Drawing Window: View Control Bar: Demonstrate how to change the view scale. Learn   
722248Navigation Control: 3D View Icon on QAT: Describe the functionality of the ViewCube. Learn   
723248Navigation Control: ViewCube: Describe what the home icon does. Learn   
724248Zoom: Navigation bar: Demonstrate how to change the navigation bar opacity. Describe how to zoom using the Navigation bar Learn   
725248Zoom: Zoom In/out: Describe the quickest way to zoom in or out Learn   
726248Zoom: Pan: Describe the quickest way to pan. Learn   
249File Management
727249Definision: BIM: Define the acronym “BIM” and why it is important to Revit users. Learn   
728249Definition: Template: Define a template file. Learn   
729249Project File:" .rvt>" : Determine paper size and scales for various projects: Identify the file extension of a project file Learn   
730249Define: .rte>Create Template File for later project usage: Identify the file extension of a template file. Learn   
731249Open existing Revit project : Recent File window : Projects>Open: Demonstrate how to open a Revit file. Application Menu>Open Documents (Icon) Learn   
732249Create new Revit project : Application Menu>New>Project: Demonstrate how to create a new Revit project folder and file. Learn   
733249Create new Revit project : Set up Drawing units: Change to a metric drawing Learn   
734249Create new Revit project : Add project information: Add project information to new drawing set. Learn   
735249Create New Revit Project: Change system settings, Create new dimension style, change arrows to architectural tick(oblique’s) Learn   
736249Save: Pick on disk icon on QAT. Application Menu - Save, Save as Name the three file types that can be saved while in a open drawing Learn   
737250View control and properties : Navigate and change views using the control bar. Learn   
738250View Control and properties: View Range: Understand the view range of plan views and be able to change it. Learn   
739250view Control and Properties: View templates: Understand the purpose of view templates. Learn   
740250view control and properties: Object visibility: Change object visibility using temporary hide, hide category, and hide element. Learn   
741250view type: Sections: Create section views including segmented ones. Learn   
742250view type: Elevations: Modify, crop, and place elevation views on a sheet. Learn   
743250view type: 3D views: Create and navigate 3D views. Learn   
744250view type: Callouts and Detail Views: Create callouts for details. Learn   
745250view type: Drafting views: Create and annotate a drafting view. Learn   
746250view type: Section box: Use the section box to create a cutaway 3D view. Learn   
747250Camera : Create a camera view and modify its orientation. Learn   
748251Level Definition: Describe a story level. Describe a use of a non-story level. Learn   
749251Using and controlling levels Understand how levels interact with intersecting views. Learn   
750251Making new levels Create new levels. Learn   
751251Level characteristics: Understand level properties and characteristics. Learn   
752252Home Tab > WallL : Describe how to place walls. Learn   
753252option Bar: Height List options available when placing and modifing walls. Location Line, Chain, Offset, Radius Learn   
754252Create opening in a wall, Create a floor to ceiling opening in given wall. Learn   
755252Join crossing walls: Demonstrate join on crossing wall elements Learn   
756252material: Modify walls : Create new wall style and add given materials. Learn   
757253Home Tab > Door: Describe how to place doors. Learn   
758253Otion Bar: Vertical/Horizontal: Describe door options; Tag on Placement, Leader: Leader attachment ; distance Learn   
759253Model in place: Edit existing doors. Use Align to position a door. Learn   
760254Home Tab > Window: Describe how to place windows. Learn   
761254Option bar: Vertical/Horizontal Describe window options. Tag on Placement, Leader: Leader attachment distance Learn   
762254Model in place: Edit existing windows. Learn   
763255Home Tab > Component : Component Types: List the types of components available. Learn   
764255option Bar: List options available when placing a component. Learn   
765255Component Host: Describe how to move a component to a different host. Learn   
766255Family: Load a Family: Navigate to find component families and load them. Learn   
767255Families: Edit a Family: Edit a family file and save. Learn   
256Columns and Grids
768256Grid uses, Identify the uses of a grid. Learn   
769256Home Tab > Grid: Grid properties and characteristics. Create an equally spaced grid pattern. Learn   
770256Grid Properties: Lists the options available when placing and modifying grids. Learn   
771256Home Tab > Column : Column properties and characteristics. Place columns on grid. Learn   
772256Column Properties: Lists the options available when placing and modifying columns. Learn   
773256Modify: List the tools you can use to modify columns and grids. Learn   
257Stairs and Railings
774257Stair Types and Properties : Stair types: Set stair type. Learn   
775257Stair Types and Properties : Stair properties : Change Stair tread depth. Learn   
776257Stair Placement Options : Stair placement: Add a stair. Learn   
777257Railing Types and Properties : Railing types: Set railing to rectangular. Learn   
778257Railing Types and Properties : Railing types: Set railing to rectangular. Learn   
779257Railing Types and Properties: Railing properties: Set railing properties. Learn   
780257Railing Placement Options : Railing placement: Add a railing. Learn   
258Roofs and Floors
781258Roof Types and Properties : Roof by foot print, extrusion, face, Create a roof. Roof properties Learn   
782258Roof Types and Properties : Roof Elements: Fascia, Soffit, Gutter Learn   
783258Floors Types and Properties : Floors Types and Properties : Sloped and tapered Set the floor type. Create a floor. Learn   
784259Geometry: Lines, Arcs, Polygons, Rectangles: Sketch geometry and profiles using all sketching tools. Learn   
785259Fillet : Fillet Objects. Learn   
786259Trim: Trim objects. Learn   
787259Snaps, Tab Cycle, Short cuts: Describe the benefits of using snaps , List the short cuts to toggle osnap on and off Learn   
788260Add text: Add Model text to a Floor plan Learn   
789260Dimensions: Add dimensions: Add dimension to give floor plan. Label given wall Learn   
790260Dimension: Add spot elevation: Add spot slope to roof on given plan. Learn   
791260Tag: Add tags: Add schedule tags Learn   
792260Tag: Apply tags to untagged elements in one : Tag untagged elements in given floor plan. Learn   
793260Schedule Types: Door: Create door schedule Learn   
794260Schedule Type: Window: Create window schedule Learn   
795260Schedule Type: Room: Create room schedule Learn   
796260Legends: Add Legend Components : Add schedule tags Learn   
797260KeyNotes: Add keynotes : Add keynotes. Learn   
261Construction Document Sets
798261Sheet Set up: Title sheet: Create title sheet with sheet list. Learn   
799261Printing: View/Sheet Sets : Create view/sheet sets for printing : Print in scale. Print with percentage Learn   
800261Rendering: Interior - Lights: Place generic lights Learn   
801261Rendering: Exterior - Setup: Set solar angle Learn   


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