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Undernoted courses basic learning have been illustrated in the undernoted link to learn the basic of the the all courses  tutorials.  After Buying the exam voucher , you will get 40hrs courses extra to complete the project base tutorials  through office 365 / shere point platform . for that you required to learn oneNote

You have selected  the  UPSC EXAM  for the  UPSC - Indian Forest Service Agricultural Engineering  course in  Paper-I  

457Soil and Water Conservation :
1923457Scope of soil and water conservation Learn   
1924457Mechanics and types of erosion Learn   
1925457their causes. Rainfall, runoff and sedimentation relationships and their measurement. Learn   
1926457Soil erosion control measures Learn   
1927457biological and engineering including stream bank protection-vegetative barriers Learn   
1928457contour bunds, contour trenches, contour stone walls, contour ditches, terraces, outlets and grassed waterways Learn   
1929457Gully control structures - temporary and permanent - design of permanent soil conservation structures such as chute, drop and drop inlet spillways Learn   
1930457Design of farm ponds and percolation ponds Learn   
1931457Principles of flood control-flood routing Learn   
1932457Watershed Management - investigation, planning and implementation - selection of priority areas and water shed work plan, water harvesting and moisture conservation Learn   
1933457Land development - levelling, estimation of earth volumes and costing. Learn   
1934457Wind Erosion process - design of shelter belts and wind brakes and their management. Forest (Conservation) Act, Learn   
458Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing
1935458Basic characteristics of photographic images Learn   
1936458interpretation keys, equipment for interpretation Learn   
1937458imagery interpretation for land use, geology, soil and forestry Learn   
1938458Remote sensing - merits and demerits of conventional and remote sensing approaches Learn   
1939458Types of satellite images, fundamentals of satellite image interpretation Learn   
1940458techniques of visual and digital interpretations for soil, water and land use management Learn   
1941458Use of GIS in planning and development of watersheds, forests including forest cover, water resources Learn   
459Irrigation and Drainage
1942459Sources of water for irrigation Learn   
1943459Planning and design of minor irrigation projects Learn   
1944459Techniques of measuring soil moisture - laboratory and in situ, Soil-water plant relationships Learn   
1945459Water requirement of crops Learn   
1946459Planning conjunctive use of surface and ground water Learn   
1947459Measurement of irrigation water, measuring devices - orifices, weirs and flumes Learn   
1948459 measuring devices - orifices, weirs and flumes Learn   
1949459Methods of irrigation - surface, sprinkler and drip, fertigation. Irrigation efficiencies and their estimation. Learn   
1950459Design and construction of canals, field channels, underground pipelines, head-gates, diversion boxes and structures for road crossing Learn   
1951459Occurrence of ground water, hydraulics of wells, types of wells (tube wells and open wells) and their construction Learn   
1952459 Well development and testing. Pumps-types, selection and installation. Rehabilitation of sick and failed wells Learn   
1953459Drainage causes of waterlogging and salt problem Learn   
1954459Methods of drainage— drainage of irrigated and unirrigated lands, design of surface, sub-surface and vertical drainage systems Learn   
1955459Improvement and utilization of poor quality water Learn   
1956459Reclamation of saline and alkali soils Learn   
1957459Economics of irrigation and drainage systems Learn   
1958459Use of waste water for irrigation — standards of waste water for sustained irrigation, feasibility and economics Learn   
460Agricultural Structures
1959460Site selection, design and construction of farmstead - farm house, cattle shed, dairy bam, poultry shed, hog housing, machinery and implement shed, storage structures for food grains, feed and forage. Design and construction of fences and farm roads Learn   
1960460Structures for plant environment - green houses, poly houses and shade houses. Common building materials used in construction - timber, brick, stone, tiles, concrete etc and their properties Learn   
1961460Water supply, drainage and sanitation system. Learn   


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