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Undernoted courses basic learning have been illustrated in the undernoted link to learn the basic of the the all courses  tutorials.  After Buying the exam voucher , you will get 40hrs courses extra to complete the project base tutorials  through office 365 / shere point platform . for that you required to learn oneNote

You have selected  the  UPSC EXAM  for the  UPSC- Indian Engineering Services - Mechanical Engineering  course in  Mechanical Engineering Syllabus for Indian Enginering Services Exam Paper II  

2167487Kinematic and dynamic analysis of planer mechanisms. Cams. Gears and gear trains. Flywheels. Governors Learn   
2168487Balancing of rigid rotors and field balancing Learn   
2169487Balancing of single and multicylinder engines Learn   
2170487 Linear vibration analysis of mechanical systems Learn   
2171487Critical speeds and whirling of shafts Automatic controls. Learn   
2172488Design of Joints : cotters, keys, splines, welded joints, threaded fasteners, joints formed by interference fits Learn   
2173488Design of friction drives : couplings and clutches, belt and chain drives, power screws. Learn   
2174488Design of Power transmission systems : gears and gear drives shaft and axle, wire ropes Learn   
2175488Design of bearings : hydrodynamics bearings and rolling element bearings Learn   
2176489Stress and strain in two dimensions Learn   
2177489Principal stresses and strains Learn   
2178489Mohr’s construction Learn   
2179489linear elastic materials Learn   
2180489isotropy and anisotropy Learn   
2181489stress-strain relations Learn   
2182489uniaxial loading Learn   
2183489thermal stresses Learn   
2184489Beams : Bending moment and shear force diagram Learn   
2185489bending stresses and deflection of beams Learn   
2186489Shear stress distribution Learn   
2187489Torsion of shafts Learn   
2188489helical springs. Combined stresses Learn   
2189489thick-and thin-walled pressure vessels Learn   
2190489Struts and columns Learn   
2191489Strain energy concepts and theories of failure. Learn   
2192490Basic concepts on structure of solids Learn   
2193490Crystalline maferials. Detects in crystalline materials Learn   
2194490Alloys and binary phase diagrams Learn   
2195490Structure and properties of common engineering materials Learn   
2196490Heat treatment of steels. Plastics, Ceramics and composite materials Learn   
2197490Common applications of various materials Learn   
2198491Metal Forming : Basic Principles of forging, drawing and extrusion; High energy rate forming; Powder metallurgy Learn   
2199491Metal Casting : Die casting, investment casting, Shall Moulding, Centrifugal Casting, Gating & Riser design; melting furnaces. Learn   
2200491Fabrication Processes : Principles of Gas, Arc, Shielded arc Welding; Advanced Welding Processes, Weldability: Metallurgy of Welding Learn   
2201491Metal Cutting : Turning, Methods of Screw Production, Drilling, Boring, Milling, Gear Manufacturing, Production of flat surfaces, Grinding & Finishing Processes. Computer Controlled Manufacturing Systems-CNC, DNC, FMS, Automation and Robotics Learn   
2202491Cutting Tools Materials, Tool Geometry, Mechanism of Tool Wear, Tool Life & Machinability; Measurement of cutting forces. Economics of Machining. Unconventional Machining Processes. Jigs and Fixtures. Fits and tolerances, Measurement of surface texture, Comparators Alignment tests and reconditioning of Machine Tools. Learn   
2203492Production Planning and Control : Forecasting - Moving average, exponential smoothing, Operations, scheduling; assembly line balancing, Product development, Break-even analysis, Capacity planning, PERT and CPM. Learn   
2204492Control Operations : Inventory control ABC analysis, EOQ model, Materials requirement planning. Job design, Job standards, Work measurement, Quality Management - Quality analysis and control Learn   
2205492Operations Research : Linear Programming - Graphical and Simplex methods, Transportation and assignment models. Single server queueing model. Learn   
2206492Value Engineering : Value analysis for cost/value Learn   
2207493Computer Organisation, Flow charting, Features of Common computer Languages - FORTRAN, d Base III, Lotus 1-2-3, C and elementary Programming. Learn   


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