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Undernoted courses basic learning have been illustrated in the undernoted link to learn the basic of the the all courses  tutorials.  After Buying the exam voucher , you will get 40hrs courses extra to complete the project base tutorials  through office 365 / shere point platform . for that you required to learn oneNote

You have selected  the  UPSC EXAM  for the  UPSC- Indian Engineering Services - Mechanical Engineering  course in  Mechanical Engineering Syllabus for Indian Enginering Services Exam Paper I  

2105483Cycles and IC Engines, Basic concepts, Open and Closed systems Learn   
2106483Heat and work. Zeroth Learn   
2107483First and Second Law Learn   
2108483Application to non-Flow and Flow processes Learn   
2109483Entropy, Availability, Irreversibility and Tds relations Learn   
2110483Claperyron and real gas equations Learn   
2111483Properties of ideal gases and vapours Learn   
2112483Standard vapour, Gas power and Refrigeration cycles Learn   
2113483Two stage compressor Learn   
2114483C-I and S.I. Engines Learn   
2115483Pre-ignition, Detonation and Diesel-knock Learn   
2116483Fuel injection and Carburation Learn   
2117483Supercharging Learn   
2118483Turbo-prop and Rocket engines Learn   
2119483Engine Cooling Learn   
2120483Emission & Control, Learn   
2121483Flue gas analysis, Measurement of Calorific values Learn   
2122483Conventional and Nuclear fuels, Elements of Nuclear power production Learn   
2123484Modes of heat transfer. Learn   
2124484One dimensional steady and unsteady conduction Learn   
2125484Composite slab and Equivalent Resistance Learn   
2126484Heat dissipation from extended surfaces Learn   
2127484Heat exchangers Learn   
2128484Overall heat transfer coefficient Learn   
2129484Empirical correlations for heat transfer in laminar and turbulent flows and for free and forced Convection Learn   
2130484 Thermal boundary layer over a flat plate Learn   
2131484Fundamentals of diffusive and connective mass transfer Learn   
2132484Black body and basic concepts in Radiation Learn   
2133484Enclosure theory, Shape factor, Net work analysis Learn   
2134484Heat pump and Refrigeration cycles and systems Learn   
2135484Refrigerants. Condensers, Evaporates and Expansion devices Learn   
2136484Psychrometry, Charts and application to air conditioning Learn   
2137484Sensible heating and cooling Learn   
2138484Effective temperature, comfort indices, Load calculations, Solar refrigeration, controls, Duct design. Learn   
2139485Properties and classification of fluids Learn   
2140485Manometry Learn   
2141485forces on immersed surfaces, Center of pressure, Buoyancy Learn   
2142485Elements of stability of floating bodies Learn   
2143485 Kinematics and Dynamics. Learn   
2144485Irrotational and incompressible Learn   
2145485 Inviscid flow Learn   
2146485Velocity potential, Pressure field and Forces on immersed bodies Learn   
2147485Bernoulli‚Äôs equation Learn   
2148485Fully developed flow through pipes Learn   
2149485Pressure drop calculations Learn   
2150485Measurement of flow rate and Pressure drop Learn   
2151485Elements of boundary layer theory, Integral approach, Laminar and tubulent flows Learn   
2152485Separations. Flow over weirs and notches Learn   
2153485Open channel flow Learn   
2154485Hydraulic jump. Dimensionless numbers, Dimensional analysis, Similitude and modelling Learn   
2155485One-dimensional isentropic flow Learn   
2156485Normal shock wave, Flow through convergent - divergent ducts Learn   
2157485Oblique shock-wave, Rayleigh and Fanno lines. Learn   
2158486Performance, Operation and control of hydraulic Pump and impulse and reaction Turbines Learn   
2159486Specific speed, Classification. Energy transfer, Coupling, Power transmission Learn   
2160486Steam generators Fire-tube and water-tube boilers Learn   
2161486Flow of steam through Nozzles and Diffusers, Wetness and condensation Learn   
2162486Various types of steam and gas Turbines Learn   
2163486Turbines, Velocity diagrams. Partial admission. Reciprocating Learn   
2164486Centrifugal and axial flow Compressors Learn   
2165486Multistage compression Learn   
2166486 role of Mach Number, Reheat, Regeneration, Efficiency, Governance. Learn   


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