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Undernoted courses basic learning have been illustrated in the undernoted link to learn the basic of the the all courses  tutorials.  After Buying the exam voucher , you will get 40hrs courses extra to complete the project base tutorials  through office 365 / shere point platform . for that you required to learn oneNote

You have selected  the  Autodesk  for the  Autodesk Certified User (ACU)  course in  Autodesk AutoCAD Certified User Exam  

225UI Navigation/Interaction
540225Application menu Access various tools to create, open, and publish a file. Learn   
541225Ribbon > Panels > Tabs Identify and state the purpose of the main interface elements. Learn   
542225Context (right-click menus) Learn   
543225Menus Application Overviews Quick Access toolbar Demonstrate the use of the tools on the Quick Access Toolbar. Learn   
544225Workspace: Define and set the workspace Learn   
545225InfoCenter: Describe the functions of InfoCenter Learn   
546225Open a drawing: Use the Application menu or Quick Access toolbar to open an existing file Learn   
547225Layouts : Describe the two primary spaces in AutoCAD Learn   
548225Navigating in the application window: Use the Zoom and Pan commands to view different areas of the drawing. Learn   
226Creating Drawings: Co-ordinate Entry
549226Coordinate systems: Describe the two coordinate systems. Learn   
550226Coordinate entry: Use dynamic input, direct distance, and shortcut menus. Learn   
227Creating Drawings: Draw Tools and Settings
551227Draw tools: Line Use the Line, Circle, Arc, Erase, Rectangle, and Polygon commands to create and erase geometry in the drawing. Learn   
552227Object snaps: Use object snaps to accurately place and create objects in the drawing. Learn   
553227Polar Tracking and PolarSnap: Activate and use the Polar Tracking and PolarSnap modes to more accurately create geometry at different angles in the drawing. Learn   
554227Object Snap tracking: Explain, enable, and use object snap tracking to position geometry in the drawing. Learn   
555227Drawing Units : Describe the process of setting Length and Angle units Learn   
556227Drafting Settings : Describe the Snap and Grid, Polar Tracking, and Object Snap settings. Learn   
228Manipulating Objects : Grips
557228Grip editing : Use Grip modes to stretch, move, scale, rotate, or mirror an object. Learn   
558228Object Selection: Select objects individually: Use single clicks to add and remove objects from a selection set. Learn   
559228Oject Selection: Window selection: Use a window to select only objects that are entirely enclosed by the rectangular area. Learn   
560228Object Selection: Crossing selection : Use a window to select objects that the rectangular window encloses or crosses. Learn   
561228Move Objects: Object Snaps, Object Tracking, and Coordinate Entry : Use coordinates, grid snap, object snaps, and other tools to move objects with precision. Learn   
229Drawing Organization and Inquiry Commands
562229Layer Properties Manager: Use layers to organize objects in your drawing. Learn   
563229Object Properties : Quick Properties palette : Use the Quick Properties palette to display and change the most commonly used properties. Learn   
564229Object Propperties: Properties palette : Use the Properties palette to display and change the properties of the selected object or set of objects. Learn   
565229Object Properties: Match Properties : Use the Match Properties command to apply the properties from a source object to destination objects. Learn   
566229linetype: Use linetypes to distinguish objects in the drawing. Learn   
567229inquiry: Use the Inquiry commands (Distance, Radius, Angle, Area, List, and ID) to obtain geometric information from the drawing objects Learn   
230Altering Objects: Modify Tools
568230Trim and Extend: Change the length of objects using the Trim and Extend commands. Learn   
569230Offset: Create parallel and offset geometry in your drawing by using the Offset command. Learn   
570230Join: Use the Join command to combine multiple objects into a single object. Learn   
571230Break: Break objects into two or more independent objects. Learn   
572230Fillet: Apply a radius corner to two objects in the drawing. Learn   
573230Chamfer: Apply an angled corner to two objects in the drawing. Learn   
574230Stretch: Use the Stretch command to alter the shape of objects in the drawing. Learn   
231Working with Layouts : Layouts and Viewports
575231Plotting environments: Identify the environments in which you can plot data and create a new layout. Learn   
576231Viewports: Create and manipulate viewports. Learn   
232Annotating the Drawing : Adding Text to a Drawing
577232Multiline text: Use the Mtext command to create multiline text. Learn   
578232Single line text: Create single line text. Learn   
579232Edit text: Use different methods to edit text. Learn   
580232Text styles: Create text styles to manage text. Learn   
233Dimensioning: Adding Dimensions to a Drawing
581233Dimensions: Linear, Angular, Aligned, Radius, Diameter, and Center Mark.Create dimensions using different options. Learn   
582233Dimension Style: Use dimension styles to manage dimensions. Learn   
583233Leaders: Create and edit multileader styles and multileaders. Learn   
584233Edit dimensions: Use different commands and methods to edit dimensions. Learn   
234Hatching Objects
585234Hatching Objects: Hatch: Add a hatch pattern to a defined boundary. Learn   
586234Fills and Gradients: Hatch: Add a fill pattern or gradient to a defined boundary. Learn   
587234Edit Hatch Patterns and Fills: Hatchedit: Modify an existing hatch or fill. Learn   
235Working with Reusable Content
588235Blocks: Block: Define and name a block. Learn   
589235Blocks: Insert: Specify the name and position of a block or drawing to insert in a drawing. Learn   
590235DesignCenter: adcenter: Use DesignCenter to reuse the data in a drawing. Learn   
591235Tool Palettes : toolpalettes: Access tool palettes and use their tools. Learn   
236Creating Additional Drawing Objects: Shapes
592236Polyline: Create and edit polylines with the Polyline command. Learn   
593236Spline: Create smooth curves with the Spline command. Learn   
594236Ellipse: Create ellipses and elliptical arcs with the Ellipse command. Learn   
237Plotting Your Drawing Output
595237Page setups: Create and activate page setups. Learn   
596237Plot: Plot design geometry from model space or from a layout. Learn   


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